Our Team

Mems Ramaila

A social activist cum entrepreneur, Mems is determined to see to the rebirth of a better script about rural communities

Mems has set out to create a social/environmental movement (BeeAfrican) aimed at repairing and reshaping our ways for sustainability in line with the bee social structure. In simple terms, Mems is about collaborating with others in creating sustainable employment opportunities in rural communities through bees as a catalyst-in this way, the bee population will increase resulting in: more greener spaces; strengthened food and nutrition security; and balanced ecosystems.

Letlhogonolo Mokgathedi

Passionate about making a difference in her life and the lives of others, Letlhogonolo Mokgathedi (LM) embraces opportunities with inherent social and economic impact. To this end, LM has been drawn to well researched literature about chronic diseases that can be prevented through home remedies using natural products, such as ginger, garlic and bee products.

In short, we see this venture attracting Nature Lovers! the Sustainability Conscious! the African HoneyBee Warrior! the Curious Mind! all with one purpose, that is honouring the African Honeybee!